Why am I writing this?

Why are you reading this?

Recently in one of my MBA classes on cooperate governance we were introduced to a concept that;

‘Every business leader must strive and find the WHY in all decisions they make.’

I did not give it much thought until few weeks later when I found two old receipts from my previous shopping expeditions inside my bedside drawer. The fact that this two receipts were several months apart but had close similarity in the contents they carried was a question I was eager to answer. If only I could find out the WHY behind my shopping pattern, then maybe I could come up with a better version of the same shopping list. Not that there was anything wrong with how I shopped but the fact that there is a pattern means I may have overlooked certain things like price changes and other emerging trends.

We are living in a digital age and more importantly A.I is already changing how businesses market their products. There is a high chance you found this article courtesy of A.I algorithms. And the only reason those machines found it suite to recommend it you is because you have read similar articles in the past.

Patterns are everywhere around us. As a matter of fact, scientist have labelled us “habitual beings”.

Philosophers argued “Old habits die hard “ and historians coiled the phrase “History repeats itself.”

Most a times, we adopt harmful habits that affect important spheres of our lives like; finance, health, relationships and many others. It is therefore very important to find your WHY before creating a pattern you will not be aware of.

I will give you a real life scenario;

My friend Tom buys his cigarettes online. Overtime he has accumulated so much digital footprint on tobacco products that barely a day passes without him getting adverts on related products. Few months ago, Tom had embarked on a journey to quit the smoking vice. As much as he tried he ended up falling victim of relapse due to the constant adverts on his phone. To cut this not so long story short, Tom still smokes.

When we create certain patterns, we are showing capitalists and marketers our weak points, every new engineering will then be tailored to cement us in place. You are naive if you think stores have you in mind when they talk of “the best shopping experience.” They have studied your shopping patterns and are organizing their displays, prices and outlook to make you spend more.

When you start asking the WHY behind every purchase, you will realise overtime that most of this products are actually the same. You will also find our that there is another product of the same quality if not better,but way cheaper.

The more and more you ask the WHY, you will realise that those products that sell the most are from big industry players who have accumulated so much revenue in the decades they have been in operation and can put much investment in studying the patterns of the customers and get them hooked.

It is also important to frequently change stores. When you do this, you are not training your mind to the same shopping pattern, in essence you will be getting the better deal time and again.

One day when A.I takes over the smallest bits of our lives you should look back for this article and give me a thumps up. You might then send a big token of appreciation via PayPal or whatever will be used then to the young man who in all honesty reminded you to start asking the WHY behind your shopping pattern because if you don’t you will be doomed.

Sometimes I write, Most times I don't.