This Phone changed My Life

I have had good phones but honestly I have never felt much value when buying electronics like I have with this Samsung A32. As much as it is a mid range phone, it is definitely worth every coin.

If someone were to ask me what I value most in a phone, three words would pop out, Appearance, Speed and Storage.

I am not the type to worry about the Camera on the phone that much. Well, aren't Canon, Nikon , Panasonic and other Camera brands there for a reason? The A32 was designed for people like me. People who use their devices 25 hours a day. Well, it is impossible to do that but the point is this thing has enough battery capacity to last you a day and more. With its fast charging properties I do not even see the need for a boot button because it never goes off. Actually, I don't remember the last time my phone was off.

As soon as my alarm goes off at 6 am, my interaction with my buddy officially starts. I press play on my Soundcloud app as I force my self out of that bed. The next thing is to connect my phone to a power socket. I have made it a habit to charge my phone in the morning to avoid over charging at night. With fast charging properties one hour is enough to get a full charge into this beast. With a full charge I am certain that one thing will not let me down that day.

I take my breakfast as I go through funny TikTok videos. In between I observe the stats of my previous articles and check my email as well. While doing all this the phone will still be above 95%. It gets me every time I check my phone only to realize that I have consumed lesser than I imagined. I have also noticed that out of the 6GB RAM allocation, the most i use is 3.5 and mind you I am a heavy phone user. As I get into the car their is a seamless transition between my home Bluetooth and the car’s so I keep on enjoying my music. The trick is to leave your Bluetooth on which is effective with this phone. Bluetooth 5.2 is the best version just to point out.

I get to work. Put my phone in work mode. Open my laptop and as I work I get all my phone notifications straight on my monitor thanks to My Phone App. Even calls. I can also access all my apps on the desktop and it is phenomenal! In between I take minutes on my phone to answer WhatsApp messages from the other gender and sometimes jostle down things on Medium. As I get bored I enjoy high quality videos from YouTube. Every time smiling at what the deal of a lifetime my phone is.

I get home and open PUBG mobile, Join in with my friends and spend almost an hour playing this awesome game. Its storage is 2GB plus but again with a storage of 128 and expandable to Infinity, I do not see why a 2GB game should be an issue. I finish working out, taking my dinner and before I get to bed as I say a prayer and count my blessings, my phone makes it to the list again that day.




Sometimes I write, Most times I don't.

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Ammon Kiprono

Ammon Kiprono

Sometimes I write, Most times I don't.

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