My Kind Of People

There is that one place where you will always feel alive. For some it is out in the woods whereas for others like me it is anywhere we are not the center of attention. You might find this weird but I don’t celebrate my birthdays. And my graduation was weird , please don’t get me wrong, I appreciate life and all its givings but I tend to think that as long us the journey was fun then you don’t have to put so much fuss into the reward part.

I thought I will grow up and become a politician but now am pretty sure that would not happen soon. The reason is not that I don’t fancy that dream anymore. No! If anything I would really wish to be the 7th president of this Republic. Yes! I think I can manage all the challenges that comes with that Job. C’mon, anyone born in this great country can do it. The benchmark set by the previous and present owners of that office is too low to fail at it. I used to think I was outgoing and fun at parties but naah. Am far from it. I cherish the time I spend alone. You can think of me as the human version of a power bank, very silent but yet important. Forgive my illustration there but the only reason I depict my self this way is because people always want me around them. No reasons at all. Just my presence and they get all comfortable. Sometimes I sit at the conner all by myself and I hear people say

“Ammo ako wapi?”

“Btw Ammo ako?”

I will avail my self and all they will say is

“Thank God, I thought you were gone”

It amuses me everytime. How people can be useful for their mere presence always makes me wonder.

This does not only happens when with friends,at home my dearest mother and sisters will look for me just to say “oooh".

I never used to understand this but as I grow older, I presume people like us were created for our presence.

I now know why during my internship and short stint at Hallmark recruitment I was present in managerial meetings that did not even involve me. I thought they were training me *laughs*

Haha my friend Yvonne will call me then say “Thank God Umeshika but imagine sina kitu ya kukuambia." I hold that call in utter awe as she tells me a lot of nothing.*no offence*

It is freeing to understand that your role in this majestic universe is more than what your mind can comprehend. To understand that people will always call you for meetings, parties, road trips just to see you around is a different kind of flattery. It’s like you are a human mannequin only that you get to enjoy everything else while offering something you don’t even understand yourself.

As I finish this self praising post *laughs in shame* I hope someone somewhere reading this will find comfort in the fact that most times you don’t have to do anything. Just avail yourself and the universe should do the rest. If you feel you have to overcompensate for your shortcomings then you are with the wrong people and in the wrong room. Now go out and be yourself you good for nothing human!



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