In My Eyes; An African Story

Like a plague, the west has shunned Africa. Their media houses treat us with contempt and cannot get over the fact that Africa is far much better than how they want it to be. In my eyes, Africa is like a Mother who carries all her toddlers with ease and protects them with everything she's got then as this children grow up they forget all the sacrifices their mother made.

History should remind you that Africa has been over utilized while being under compensated for as long as civilization started.

Answer me this;

How does a continent that is home to more than 30 per cent of the world’s mineral reserves, 8 per cent of the world’s natural gas, 12 per cent of the world’s oil reserves, 40 per cent of the world’s gold and up to 90 per cent of chromium and platinum still have people languish in poverty?

I look at things that happen over here and can’t help but pity mother Africa. In this day and age land that was forcefully acquired by the British in countries they colonized more than a century ago is still owned by their kinsmen. shame!!

You the westerners' talk of laws and constitutions as if they are not meant to put things in their previous order. You talk of civilization and independence in ways that make our ancestors crawl and smirk in their graves. If anything we were the independent ones. before you colonized us!

We had food, we had leaders and we had traditions!

Before you talk of laws bring back our resources. If you were to pay for all the anguish and agony you caused us and continue to cause, you then should be our slaves for the next century.

You talk of color black in disgust. You want our daughters to be lighter so as to be deemed beautiful which makes us wonder who gave you the authority over what is beautiful.

You send us donations in the form of clothing , medicine and food but at the same time take our resources , meddle in our leadership and devalue our currency.

You talk of Africa like some orphaned child but the truth is you know Africa is that river that never runs dry

You bribe our leaders in dollars and sell them the allure of fancy westernized clothing, machines, houses and stupid class which in all honesty did not exist in this part of the world and we could do without.

You burden us with a lot of irrelevant information in schools, make your language superior to ours and create sophisticated rules of engagement in work places just to feel in control.

You have even become pettier to the extend of capitalizing on food and medicine which all along traditional Africans knew should be treated with respect. Tell my great grandfather you make food in a laboratory and he would have cursed you entire generation. Food should be ploughed in the farm and stored in Granaries. Everyone knows that.

You will reduce the lifespan to zero you fools!

Just to remind you we don’t like your civilization. take back your stupid money. I have studied your economics and I understand better than you that that thing only exists in the mind. The idea of economic growth is just a fallacy that creates more human problems than it actually solves. Money is just a measure of value. We measured human values by morality and ability to live in harmony with one another and mind you we still ate, had houses, dressed ,worshiped and everything else you purport to have brought us.

Don’t even for a moment think we needed your help!

Take us to the bush and we will gladly hunt and gather while we chant rhythmical hymns ,burn meat to the dead of the night, take care of nature and enjoy our tight knit communities. Occasionally fighting but having our own unique way of mediation that does not involve guns and nuclear weapons, Wear animal skin and smear our faces with mud. Live stress free to hundred plus years then transition to the other life where we will still be considered members of the community and our role will be to look over after those we left behind.

Because we are Africa and Africa is Our Business!!



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