I Solved The Success Equation

If I were asked to decipher success scientifically I will come up with a theory that goes;

“Success is the cumulative sum of all our actions, comparable to that of our peers. ceteris paribus”

  • Actions here will include the things whether right or wrong that we do in our success journey
  • We have to compare it to people in exact situation as we are and with the same goals as ours since success is subjective.

The equivalent equation therefore will be;

y =(a1 +a2……..+n)

y is success

a1,a2 …n are the determining variables

Let say we want to determine the success factor of two business men operating in the same town and both have a goal of expanding their stores in five years. We will call this businessmen John and Mark.

John's Determinants are;

He his present daily (+1)

He takes care of his customers (+1)

He trains his employees well (+1)

He is always on time (+1)

He doesn’t have a clear success policy (-1)

His wife draws much from the business for consumption (-1)

to calculate John's success factor we will equate each determinant a weight of of (1).

for the good habits it will be (+1) whereas for the bad habits it will be (-1.)

Hence therefore his success factor will be;



Mark's Determinants are;

He drinks a lot (-1)

He doesn’t understand customer service (-1)

He doesn't open on time (-1)

He has good employees and trains them (+1)

He has a clear success policy (+1)

He doesn’t draw from the business (+1)

Hence therefore his success factor will be;




basing on this simple concept we can notice that John will be more likely to be successful as compared to Mark.

More so because John does more positive things in his business than Mark.

Success will always be a matter of our actions no matter how much different we try to look at it.

If I were to include luck in the equation I will call it the error term and assign it the factor (u).

The error term will have little impact in any equation.

A parting short in this success matrix will be to go the extra mile in the right direction and success will always be your portion.

The first thing before all this is to write down what success looks like to you.




Sometimes I write, Most times I don't.

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Ammon Kiprono

Ammon Kiprono

Sometimes I write, Most times I don't.

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