Fast Forwad To 2086

Last time I took you down the memory lane. It was quite a journey! Today brace yourself for a glimpse into the future and while at it, I will allow you to call me prophet Ammon. I must also warn you that it will be a bumpy ride

I am not a scientist, okay technically I know about research, data analytics and all those geeky stuff but we can all agree that they are not very interesting.

In our journey into the future we will use Imagination. You can as well call it day-dreaming or whatever name, I really don’t care.

If you live in this planet you must be well aware of climate change and its impact.

The year is 2086, for some reasons unknown to me, we are all alive, which is practically impossible but maybe we already found the aging antidote and suppressed that aging gene.

The blue sky we used to see more than half a century ago is now a mist of dust seen just few meters above the ground. The temperature is extreme, The highs are very high and the lows are very low.

We crave for those days we used to bask in the sun without sunscreen on. Everything is different, We have conquered HIV/Aids, Same with Cancer and hundreds of other diseases but it actually feels like our fight for survival has just began. We for sure have won the technology and infrastructural war but at the same time, we have been loosing the one against nature.

In case you forgot, the year is still 2086. Remember the Maldives and the even famous Bali island? Their beaches are no more thanks to global warming and rising sea level. Our own Diani beach is in its final kicks.

It will be a joke to even talk about the Arctic. The Rivers are dry. Words like tributaries and oasis are no longer in the dictionary. You remember Sub-Saharan Africa? Today they call us the Vast Sahara. How funny was it to be labelled based on our level of poverty! Shameless idiots!!.

It is at this moment in time that we realize our part of the world is taking the biggest load of nature’s anger than those countries that did more in damaging this once beautiful planet. Truly, it is not a world for the weak, it has never been and probably it would never be; assuming nature does not eat us for dinner before the end 22nd century.

Allow me to take you on a short road trip. Don’t worry it will take very few minutes because we are in 2086 for heaven’s sake .

You remember Elon Musk and his boring company. They revolutionised travelling.

We don’t fancy planes anymore and we no longer talk of the Wright brothers with zeal , we only know Elon. Back in 2021 Hyperloop was still a concept but in 2086 it is more than reality. A journey from Mombasa to Nairobi takes only 10 minutes. Its funny but, who in their sober mind would have envisioned this magic.

Talking of Mars, it is no longer in the headlines. People have gone and been back uncountable times. Space x, Virgin Galactic and Blue origin are the biggest space tourism companies. Yeah tourists go to space this days. Can you even believe it?

Ooh, let me tell you about space mining. They found a planet full of minerals and that is it. Everything else about space mining is CLASSIFIED! They say it made some people dollar zillionaires.

I would have told you about Artificial Intelligence and Robotics but I don’t have to. Just open your eyes you moron!! It is 2086!

Everything is connected. And by everything, I mean anything you can think of. Now we are just a bunch of zombies in a world full of machines. After we figured out quantum computing the world moved from zeros and ones to infinity really quick. We haven’t caught a break ever since.

This machines have become smarter than us. We have solved every other human challenge that needed to be solved but we still feel hopeless in the inside. I guess only God can help us!

So you think after 5G the world of Internet stopped. Imagine not!! They went on to bring 10G then 50G and before we knew it the entire world was connected in real time. You don’t even have to shop anymore imagine! Think of it as a subscription but now your entire life is subscribed to machine support. This things do everything!

It is at this moment that I will call my Tesla model XXXXX to come collect me from this 2086 Imagination. Honestly, I am already scared of the future.

Well, as much as I would not like to end this here, I sincerely think we cannot predict what the future will bring.We have to make a choice and live each day to the fullest and make clear and honest choices that will not come back and haunt us in 2086.

Like it or not CHANGE IS COMING!!



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