Like a plague, the west has shunned Africa. Their media houses treat us with contempt and cannot get over the fact that Africa is far much better than how they want it to be. In my eyes, Africa is like a Mother who carries all her toddlers with ease and protects them with everything she's got then as this children grow up they forget all the sacrifices their mother made.

History should remind you that Africa has been over utilized while being under compensated for as long as civilization started.

Answer me this;

How does a continent that is home…

“Do you have 8 years experience?” She asked

It was at that very moment that I realized anything I said disqualified me from that interview.

“Yes!” I answered back

“Can't be possible since you are 2 years out of college and not even 25 years old.”

I mumbled words that didn’t make sense as I tried to convince the interviewing panel of how I had more skillset than the combined experiences of all the other interviewees.

I got a good laugh from all of them and after some explanation of how that job needed someone with at least 8 years…

I have had good phones but honestly I have never felt much value when buying electronics like I have with this Samsung A32. As much as it is a mid range phone, it is definitely worth every coin.

If someone were to ask me what I value most in a phone, three words would pop out, Appearance, Speed and Storage.

I am not the type to worry about the Camera on the phone that much. Well, aren't Canon, Nikon , Panasonic and other Camera brands there for a reason? The A32 was designed for people like me. People who use…

If I were asked to decipher success scientifically I will come up with a theory that goes;

“Success is the cumulative sum of all our actions, comparable to that of our peers. ceteris paribus”

  • Actions here will include the things whether right or wrong that we do in our success journey
  • We have to compare it to people in exact situation as we are and with the same goals as ours since success is subjective.

The equivalent equation therefore will be;

y =(a1 +a2……..+n)

y is success

a1,a2 …n are the determining variables

Let say we want to determine the…

Shut Up and DO IT!

Long before I gained some common sense, I used to procrastinate a lot. Pushing things forward until the last minute was how I handled important issues. For the less important ones, I would shelve them till the day their importance arose. This habit cultivated a “Don’t Care” attitude and within no time, most people deemed me unreliable. You might think I was among the worst in that category but you are far from right. I was pretty much like every Tom, Dick and Harry in these streets.

What happened?

Good question. You see, few years…

Have you noticed that most of the bad habits we have are sometimes very enjoyable and come with instant gratification?

Take for example waking up late; We are certain about the consequences of waking up late but we would rather toss and turn inside the warmness of our duvets and enjoy those few minutes of gratification than wake up immediately our alarm goes off. We then wake up few minutes before the engagement time and hurry up getting ready for the day. As much as we understand it is not the first or the last time in that bed, we…

I have always questioned the fundamentals of what good business practices are about and this is partly because I have experienced both worlds of business; Theory and Practice.

I have grown up in a business set up. My parents have always run a retail store for as long as I can remember. My siblings and I have also taken part in the day to day running of this entity for close to two decades now.

With a business related degree and now pursuing an MBA, I believe I have enough theory to run a successful business. …

Why am I writing this?

Why are you reading this?

Recently in one of my MBA classes on cooperate governance we were introduced to a concept that;

‘Every business leader must strive and find the WHY in all decisions they make.’

I did not give it much thought until few weeks later when I found two old receipts from my previous shopping expeditions inside my bedside drawer. The fact that this two receipts were several months apart but had close similarity in the contents they carried was a question I was eager to answer. If only I could find out…

Fast Forwad To 2086

Last time I took you down the memory lane. It was quite a journey! Today brace yourself for a glimpse into the future and while at it, I will allow you to call me prophet Ammon. I must also warn you that it will be a bumpy ride

I am not a scientist, okay technically I know about research, data analytics and all those geeky stuff but we can all agree that they are not very interesting.

In our journey into the future we will use Imagination. …

Down the Memory Lane

Ladies and gentlemen, how great is it to be alive in the 21st century? Seriously! One day you should sit down and reflect, you will marvel at how glorious it is to be part of this century. I know you will try and fix the corona pandemic and all the bad inside that bracket but while at it make sure you use 100% as your locus point and give every other variable an equal degree of importance. I should also remind you that in this century alone we have managed to beat diseases like polio and…

Ammon Kiprono

Sometimes I write, Most times I don't.

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